Monday, January 19, 2009

A day in the life.....

7:30 am

Wake up to sounds of kids chasing the new kittens and Big Brother yelling "I SAID LEAVE THE CATS ALONE!!!"

7:45 am

Katelyn comes into the room to inform me that "Dylan is a big meanie! He won't let cats out from under table" (He was not letting HER get the cats out from under the table)

8:12 am

I hear laughter radiating from the walls. I walk out of the room to check whats going on. All 4 kids are standing around the coffee table laughing hysterically at the two kittens trying to catch the feather on the fishing pole. Dylan being in charge of said fishing pole. Wish I had thought to get the camera.

10:00 am

All 3 kids are found in the front room holding down both kittens so they don't "get away". But its all ok mom, cause they like it! hmmm... I'm not so sure.

10:45 am

all 3 kids are found holding down both kittens, hiding in the corner by the couch in the living room. "They like sitting wif us, mom!" I can't find my camera.

11:15 am

Abby is cuddled up with me on the couch, but Pepper is MIA. We call her, but she doesn't know her name yet. Cause we keep changing it. She no longer even comes to Kitty. ;)

12:00 -2 pm.

Lunch then naptime. Kittens seem content sleeping under the coffee table. Want to take a picture, but still can't find my camera. No one will admit to touching it.

2:15 pm

We open all the windows in the house. Abby is playing on my lap next to the window. Jake's favorite window. He notices it open, and comes running. Abby notices the dog in the window and actually LUNGES TOWARDS him! Then I guess she realized he was BIG because mid air, she freakes and the claws come out. She lands on me. But doesn't run away. She seems intriqued by the big dog outside, and even gets closer to the window. Wish someone would find my camera, already.

2:30 pm

We start in on the major house cleaning. Goal is to get all kids toys upstairs. ALL of them. We set the kiddos to taking stuff upstairs. But, instead we find all 3 of them in their closet holding down both kittens.

3:00 pm

We are still cleaning (of course, this place is a mess!), the kids have been upstairs for awhile... they are being way too quiet. Investigation shows that they have locked themselves into our guest room with both kittens.

3:15 pm

Half the toys have made it upstairs. Both kittens are running around the computer room as I move the couches and clean out from under them. Pepper finds the trash bag very interesting, along with junk mail. Every piece I put in the trash bag got dragged out. I shoo her away, even though I was laughing. Zachary thought it was funny and proceeds to chase her down the hallway with a flyer from some church. Man, I wish I could find my camera!!!

3:30 pm

Do another search online for cat names. Come up with Dax from Deep space nine, cause Pepper has lots of cool spots. We all think this is cool, and start calling her Dax.. at least for the next few minutes.

4:25 pm

Found the camera. It was up under the computer desk. Pictures reveal that a child with bare feet and wearing blue jeans had the camera last. Why must I insist on dressing the boys in the same pair of pants?!?! Yeah, yeah...its easier... but now I can't tell whose feet these are!!

5:00 Pm

The kids are being awfully quiet again, except for this really wierd thump thump sound. This time I catch them playing with their brother's Bakugun stuff. And, the cats were in on it! Seems those little round game pieces are fun for the kittens to chase... specially when rolled across the room or down the stairs. Yes, down the stairs.. thump thump

5:30 pm

Don't think the name Dax is working out. We keep calling her "Pepper, oh I mean Dax" That is too long of a name.

5:45 pm

Zachary brings me one of the kittens, "here ya go mom, she wants you" How sweet, but please hun, dont carry her upside down!


Find all three kiddos on the couch in the Front room, along with both kittens who look very comfy all curled up in the corner between the kids. All three have their hands going, petting the kittens. Darn camera! Batteries dead, new batteries found... kittens gone.

6:45 pm

I find Abby all curled up on Dylan's lap. She really likes him.

After snapping pictures, I went on a search for Pepper, oh I mean Dax. Found her curled up behind the computer monitor fast asleep. This seems to be her favorite place in the house.

6:50 pm

Stop trying to call Pepper Dax.

7:30 pm

Find the kids with both kittens again. Realize that maybe the kids aren't searching the cats out... maybe, just maybe, the Cats are searching the KIDS out?!?! I am starting to think so.

7:45 pm

Fed the dogs... put fish oil on Jake's food. I got some on my hand. Pepper decided it was very tasty!!

8:00 pm

Bath time.. for the kids, not the cats... I'm not that brave! ;) Hanging out upstairs seems to confirm my belief that the cats are hanging out where the kids are. Cause there they are, peaking out from under the train table! I thought about getting the camera, but then looked around me.. I am so not taking a picture of this mess!

9:00 pm

Kids all tucked in. Sounds like something just fell down the stairs! Oh my gosh, that's the kittens!!! how can something that small make that much noise running up and down the stairs?????

10:00 pm

Realize that this has been an interesting day and decide to blog about it. Abby wants to help and keeps walking all over my keyboard. She opened some navigation window in Photoshop?? Have no idea how. Maybe I should let her scrap? ;) We could become famous... "Cat creates pages in photoshop, knows more about the program than owner" hmmm... on second thought, maybe not! ;)

Wonder how tomorrow will go?


Creative Junkie said...

WHEW! Are you exhausted or what?

Loved how you told this, especially the camera bit. And I love the entire idea of blogging about your day ... I might just have to do this!

And your header cracks me up!

SarahG said...

WOW! What a crazy day. I like how you told the story in snippets, it was easier and enjoyable to read.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Have a Great day!

chantillylace said...

Good story. I enjoyed it. The kittens are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lisa Joy said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Jan (Magpie) said...

That brought back some great memories for me of kittens I had growing up. Thanks for the funny story!

barb said...

Darling kitten! Hope you have an easier day today!

Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper) said...

What a great story!

Lori said...

Valeri I was jusy wanting a kitty but after reading this I dont think I want to add to the craziness! I think its cool how u covered the day!