Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny Things Katelyn Said!

Today, every single one of us was sick. Well, almost all of us... I have a little feeling that the very active Zachary, who claimed he wasn't feeling well the moment the medicine bottle came out.. really isn't sick. But the rest of us, we were sick, and spent alot of time in bed or lying on the couch. Some of the most interesting conversations happen at times like this.

Some like these.....

I was laying on my bed, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I was attacked by a hoard of children! They jumped up on the bed, wrestled with my husband and then ran away. Or so I thought! Katelyn had stayed behind, laying in between her father and I. When she wouldn't go with the others, He proceeded to start zerberting her. You all know what a zerbet is right? Well, Katelyn Doesn't like them at all. Seriously. So instead of acting like a normal child, wiggling and giggling at her father blowing air on her tummy.... She starts to fight. Sits up between us, lays her back against my back and both her feet against her dad, pushing as hard as she can. I tried with all my might to just ignore it... but then my hair got involved, and well... it hurts when you pull my hair! So I scream a bit that its hurting me, try to pry my hair out from under this very determined little girl, and ask her.....

"What do you think you're doing?"

And that "little girl" came back to me with

"No time to talk, MOM!!"

Both hubby and I busted out laughing, and Katelyn won the no Zerbert wrestle. She proudly strode off the bed wondering what in the world had gotten into mom and dad!


We have a Great Dane. He is not yet a year old. But, that don't mean a thing cause well, he's a Great dane! LOL He was HUGE at 6 months. So now, at almost 11 months, I believe he qualifies as gigantic! ;)

Today, we have him inside, locked up in my bedroom. We tried to let him roam the house, but with all his pent up energy, he proceeded to knock down every kid in the house on his way to check out the really cool lights coming from that hole in the wall we all call a fireplace. So, to the room he went.

I was also sent to the room due to my pent up energy making it hard for my hubby to sit at the computer playing computer games. ;) So, there I was laying on the bed, with Jake (the dog) playing "Guard the door". Which is his way of obsessing, planning an escape because he is such a stealth dog that he can sneak his 150 pounds right passed who ever opens it with out them even
knowing!! Needless to say, he has yet to master this new power.

The lucky person to open the door was Katelyn. She opened that door about 20 times in about 1 minute, thinking that Jake would give up his post. Not a chance! LOL. So, on the 20th or so time, she finally decides to come into the room.

Katelyn stands at about Jake's mouth. He can rest his head ontop of hers. But that doesn't discourage Katelyn. She will even argue that it is HER turn to walk Jake, when we head over to the walking path. As if! ... But thats a whole nother post! LOL

So, there she stands... there he stands.... And he proceeds to give her one big lick from one cheek to the other. I waited patiently for the "HE's trying to eat me!!" scream, but instead she broke out in this big smile and said.....

"He makes me so Happy!"

:) "He makes me happy too!"

And at the sound of my voice, Jake turns, preparing for his hind leg catapult onto my bed. He never makes it even into position to pounce because he steps on Katelyn's foot in the process....


Ah well, that was a short lived lovely moment.... But it happened, and that's all that counts! And her mad scream broke his thought process, which saved me and the bed! ;)


"Why are you in here laying down with me, Katelyn?"

"I want to be a mommy with you"

"You want to be a mommy with me?"

"Yes, with you. Do mommy things"

"Can we go do mommy things in the living room?"

"No, only here."


"Mommies lay down alot."

This child cracks me up.

Yesterday, I was challenged to a blog challenge by Flora.

The challenge, basically, is to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder in you picture file... So, I'm thinking its probably a picture I've taken of the kids, or the new cats.... maybe even jake.. When I opened the file and counted down to the 6th picture, I got to laughing so hard I couldn't breath!

You see, I didn't take this picture. Ian did. I didn't even know it was there! But this is such a great picture of Zachary!! It is really a perfect depiction of him!! He is always making crazy faces, and I guess his brother thought this one was so funny it was worth the risk of getting caught with the camera!

The kids are always sneaking pics with my camera. I've got a dozen pictures of the floor or the couch, some more of the boys' toy cars, even a few self portraits. Some I delete, but lately I haven't even been looking at the pictures on the camera. I've just been uploading them to the computer. This was one of those times. The one right after this one, is a picture of our flat screen TV with Ni Hao, Kia-Lan on it! Seriously!! Look!

Now I think that show is really cute, but a picture? LOL It must have been a really good episode!


So, now its your turn for the Challenge! Here is what you do,

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the sixth picture in that folder.
Put the picture on your blog and a description of it.
Invite six friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

I'm challenging...


:) Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper) said...

I love what kids say. Even what comes out of the mouths of our teenagers is hilarious.

Lori said...

i will do your 6th picture challenge but first I need to pick a picture folder I have quite a few. Seperated by years and months. Then another that is Handpicked Pictures sperated by years and months. So I will have to think about it a bit.

Little Dragon Designs said...

fabulous stories! Gotta love kids! LOL

Flora said...

lol kids are funny they dont have that filter from brain to mouth but you gotta love them for it:0) sorry everyone is sick yep we are all sick at my house too..ugh cold season wish it would go away.I enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for playing along with the challenge..hugs, Flora

michellewaite1 said...

cute story

susanrobinsondesigns said...

alright here you go lady!

I found my 6th photo for you! lol funny picture to find.

Your kids are super cute, such fun photos.

Stacey said...

Oooh did you tell me about this? I'm just seeing it, off to do it now!