Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny Things Katelyn Said!

Today, every single one of us was sick. Well, almost all of us... I have a little feeling that the very active Zachary, who claimed he wasn't feeling well the moment the medicine bottle came out.. really isn't sick. But the rest of us, we were sick, and spent alot of time in bed or lying on the couch. Some of the most interesting conversations happen at times like this.

Some like these.....

I was laying on my bed, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I was attacked by a hoard of children! They jumped up on the bed, wrestled with my husband and then ran away. Or so I thought! Katelyn had stayed behind, laying in between her father and I. When she wouldn't go with the others, He proceeded to start zerberting her. You all know what a zerbet is right? Well, Katelyn Doesn't like them at all. Seriously. So instead of acting like a normal child, wiggling and giggling at her father blowing air on her tummy.... She starts to fight. Sits up between us, lays her back against my back and both her feet against her dad, pushing as hard as she can. I tried with all my might to just ignore it... but then my hair got involved, and well... it hurts when you pull my hair! So I scream a bit that its hurting me, try to pry my hair out from under this very determined little girl, and ask her.....

"What do you think you're doing?"

And that "little girl" came back to me with

"No time to talk, MOM!!"

Both hubby and I busted out laughing, and Katelyn won the no Zerbert wrestle. She proudly strode off the bed wondering what in the world had gotten into mom and dad!


We have a Great Dane. He is not yet a year old. But, that don't mean a thing cause well, he's a Great dane! LOL He was HUGE at 6 months. So now, at almost 11 months, I believe he qualifies as gigantic! ;)

Today, we have him inside, locked up in my bedroom. We tried to let him roam the house, but with all his pent up energy, he proceeded to knock down every kid in the house on his way to check out the really cool lights coming from that hole in the wall we all call a fireplace. So, to the room he went.

I was also sent to the room due to my pent up energy making it hard for my hubby to sit at the computer playing computer games. ;) So, there I was laying on the bed, with Jake (the dog) playing "Guard the door". Which is his way of obsessing, planning an escape because he is such a stealth dog that he can sneak his 150 pounds right passed who ever opens it with out them even
knowing!! Needless to say, he has yet to master this new power.

The lucky person to open the door was Katelyn. She opened that door about 20 times in about 1 minute, thinking that Jake would give up his post. Not a chance! LOL. So, on the 20th or so time, she finally decides to come into the room.

Katelyn stands at about Jake's mouth. He can rest his head ontop of hers. But that doesn't discourage Katelyn. She will even argue that it is HER turn to walk Jake, when we head over to the walking path. As if! ... But thats a whole nother post! LOL

So, there she stands... there he stands.... And he proceeds to give her one big lick from one cheek to the other. I waited patiently for the "HE's trying to eat me!!" scream, but instead she broke out in this big smile and said.....

"He makes me so Happy!"

:) "He makes me happy too!"

And at the sound of my voice, Jake turns, preparing for his hind leg catapult onto my bed. He never makes it even into position to pounce because he steps on Katelyn's foot in the process....


Ah well, that was a short lived lovely moment.... But it happened, and that's all that counts! And her mad scream broke his thought process, which saved me and the bed! ;)


"Why are you in here laying down with me, Katelyn?"

"I want to be a mommy with you"

"You want to be a mommy with me?"

"Yes, with you. Do mommy things"

"Can we go do mommy things in the living room?"

"No, only here."


"Mommies lay down alot."

This child cracks me up.

Yesterday, I was challenged to a blog challenge by Flora.

The challenge, basically, is to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder in you picture file... So, I'm thinking its probably a picture I've taken of the kids, or the new cats.... maybe even jake.. When I opened the file and counted down to the 6th picture, I got to laughing so hard I couldn't breath!

You see, I didn't take this picture. Ian did. I didn't even know it was there! But this is such a great picture of Zachary!! It is really a perfect depiction of him!! He is always making crazy faces, and I guess his brother thought this one was so funny it was worth the risk of getting caught with the camera!

The kids are always sneaking pics with my camera. I've got a dozen pictures of the floor or the couch, some more of the boys' toy cars, even a few self portraits. Some I delete, but lately I haven't even been looking at the pictures on the camera. I've just been uploading them to the computer. This was one of those times. The one right after this one, is a picture of our flat screen TV with Ni Hao, Kia-Lan on it! Seriously!! Look!

Now I think that show is really cute, but a picture? LOL It must have been a really good episode!


So, now its your turn for the Challenge! Here is what you do,

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the sixth picture in that folder.
Put the picture on your blog and a description of it.
Invite six friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

I'm challenging...


:) Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep My Pretties, While I Scrap

Tonight, my kids went to bed on their own for the very first time since we moved them all into one room. Before, We had the twins in one room, and baby girl in her own that doubled as the guest room.

We could put baby girl in her room and know with out a doubt that she would go right to sleep. It was lovely. The twins, no way. They had to be monitored at all times. If not, they would destroy everything they could get their hands on. We decided to move them all into one room, so that we could have a guest room available for, well, guests. LOL My parents had been coming to visit often, and Bryan's parents were planning visits as well. It was getting hard for baby girl to share her room with everyone. She wouldn't let them sleep!

So we moved the guest room to the twins old room, and all three kids into the biggest room in the house. Yes, their room is even bigger than my room. So far its working out really well. I think they've been in their since May or June. But, it became apparent on the very first night that they could not be trusted to go to sleep with out supervision. So, either myself, Bryan or sometimes even Dylan, sit with them every single nap time and every single night.

Tonight Bryan asks me if we could try to let them "do it on their own". So, with great fear, I agreed. It only took about 3 hours, but they all did finally fall asleep on their own. And they didn't destroy the room, or even leave it! So, I think all in all it went well. I'm hoping this is a new beginning of nice evenings sitting with Bryan, instead either of us passing out in the very uncomfortable chair in the kids room.

But then there is a part of me that will miss that time with the kids. They had gotten in the habit of singing to me on the nights I sat with them. Twinkle Twinkle little star was their favorite song to sing. And even though the "He waked me up", "She waked me up" was annoying, it was also adorable in a crazy sort of way... and more than a few times I had to catch myself from laughing out loud at them because of it! Half the time the "waker upper" hadn't even moved! :)

And most of all, I will miss the extra hugs and kisses I get in when its my turn. Probably about 10 extra per kid cause I can't ever refuse the "Can I have a hug/kiss" when its said with big droopy eyes.. you all know the eyes, the ones that melt your heart, and bring a smile to your face even when you've just been totally ticked and frustrated that they WON'T GO TO SLEEP!!! Those eyes get me every time!

Its such a bittersweet moment, as is all the "they are getting older" moments, for me. I want to stop time, yet I also really like the changes too. I remember going through similar moments with my oldest, and feeling much the same way. Missing what was, and liking what is, and looking forward too (and fearing sometimes) what was to come. Maybe I'm more overcome, knowing with out a doubt that this is the last time I'll be "here". These are my last children. And I wish I could slow it all down and treasure it, revel in it, devour every moment completely... because soon, it will be something else.. some new change, and this will be the past moment I wish I had held closer.

And that is Why I scrap. Because it gives me the moment to hold on to forever. With out holding too tight to the kids, and holding them back. It is for me, the tangible, touchable, memory saved forever. And I love that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A day in the life.....

7:30 am

Wake up to sounds of kids chasing the new kittens and Big Brother yelling "I SAID LEAVE THE CATS ALONE!!!"

7:45 am

Katelyn comes into the room to inform me that "Dylan is a big meanie! He won't let cats out from under table" (He was not letting HER get the cats out from under the table)

8:12 am

I hear laughter radiating from the walls. I walk out of the room to check whats going on. All 4 kids are standing around the coffee table laughing hysterically at the two kittens trying to catch the feather on the fishing pole. Dylan being in charge of said fishing pole. Wish I had thought to get the camera.

10:00 am

All 3 kids are found in the front room holding down both kittens so they don't "get away". But its all ok mom, cause they like it! hmmm... I'm not so sure.

10:45 am

all 3 kids are found holding down both kittens, hiding in the corner by the couch in the living room. "They like sitting wif us, mom!" I can't find my camera.

11:15 am

Abby is cuddled up with me on the couch, but Pepper is MIA. We call her, but she doesn't know her name yet. Cause we keep changing it. She no longer even comes to Kitty. ;)

12:00 -2 pm.

Lunch then naptime. Kittens seem content sleeping under the coffee table. Want to take a picture, but still can't find my camera. No one will admit to touching it.

2:15 pm

We open all the windows in the house. Abby is playing on my lap next to the window. Jake's favorite window. He notices it open, and comes running. Abby notices the dog in the window and actually LUNGES TOWARDS him! Then I guess she realized he was BIG because mid air, she freakes and the claws come out. She lands on me. But doesn't run away. She seems intriqued by the big dog outside, and even gets closer to the window. Wish someone would find my camera, already.

2:30 pm

We start in on the major house cleaning. Goal is to get all kids toys upstairs. ALL of them. We set the kiddos to taking stuff upstairs. But, instead we find all 3 of them in their closet holding down both kittens.

3:00 pm

We are still cleaning (of course, this place is a mess!), the kids have been upstairs for awhile... they are being way too quiet. Investigation shows that they have locked themselves into our guest room with both kittens.

3:15 pm

Half the toys have made it upstairs. Both kittens are running around the computer room as I move the couches and clean out from under them. Pepper finds the trash bag very interesting, along with junk mail. Every piece I put in the trash bag got dragged out. I shoo her away, even though I was laughing. Zachary thought it was funny and proceeds to chase her down the hallway with a flyer from some church. Man, I wish I could find my camera!!!

3:30 pm

Do another search online for cat names. Come up with Dax from Deep space nine, cause Pepper has lots of cool spots. We all think this is cool, and start calling her Dax.. at least for the next few minutes.

4:25 pm

Found the camera. It was up under the computer desk. Pictures reveal that a child with bare feet and wearing blue jeans had the camera last. Why must I insist on dressing the boys in the same pair of pants?!?! Yeah, yeah...its easier... but now I can't tell whose feet these are!!

5:00 Pm

The kids are being awfully quiet again, except for this really wierd thump thump sound. This time I catch them playing with their brother's Bakugun stuff. And, the cats were in on it! Seems those little round game pieces are fun for the kittens to chase... specially when rolled across the room or down the stairs. Yes, down the stairs.. thump thump

5:30 pm

Don't think the name Dax is working out. We keep calling her "Pepper, oh I mean Dax" That is too long of a name.

5:45 pm

Zachary brings me one of the kittens, "here ya go mom, she wants you" How sweet, but please hun, dont carry her upside down!


Find all three kiddos on the couch in the Front room, along with both kittens who look very comfy all curled up in the corner between the kids. All three have their hands going, petting the kittens. Darn camera! Batteries dead, new batteries found... kittens gone.

6:45 pm

I find Abby all curled up on Dylan's lap. She really likes him.

After snapping pictures, I went on a search for Pepper, oh I mean Dax. Found her curled up behind the computer monitor fast asleep. This seems to be her favorite place in the house.

6:50 pm

Stop trying to call Pepper Dax.

7:30 pm

Find the kids with both kittens again. Realize that maybe the kids aren't searching the cats out... maybe, just maybe, the Cats are searching the KIDS out?!?! I am starting to think so.

7:45 pm

Fed the dogs... put fish oil on Jake's food. I got some on my hand. Pepper decided it was very tasty!!

8:00 pm

Bath time.. for the kids, not the cats... I'm not that brave! ;) Hanging out upstairs seems to confirm my belief that the cats are hanging out where the kids are. Cause there they are, peaking out from under the train table! I thought about getting the camera, but then looked around me.. I am so not taking a picture of this mess!

9:00 pm

Kids all tucked in. Sounds like something just fell down the stairs! Oh my gosh, that's the kittens!!! how can something that small make that much noise running up and down the stairs?????

10:00 pm

Realize that this has been an interesting day and decide to blog about it. Abby wants to help and keeps walking all over my keyboard. She opened some navigation window in Photoshop?? Have no idea how. Maybe I should let her scrap? ;) We could become famous... "Cat creates pages in photoshop, knows more about the program than owner" hmmm... on second thought, maybe not! ;)

Wonder how tomorrow will go?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Picking out names...

I've always had a hard time finding the right names. For all of my Children, except my last, it took almost the entire pregnancy to decide on names. The twins, wow... that was hard because I had to pick Two names, and then what if they were triplets? Or one of them was really a girl? Oh my, it drove me batty!

With my daughter though, I started out just the same. Making lists, writing names out in all different configurations.. first name + middle name. middle name then first name. Then all that hard work was blown out of the water one Afternoon in Target. As I stood looking at an adorable pair of butterfly slippers, I said, out loud even... "These would be perfect for Katelyn!" Katelyn wasn't even on the list of names. At all. Hadn't even thought of it before that day. But the moment it was out of my mouth, I knew it was her name. And it is, just ask her. She'll tell you exactly who she is!

"I'm Katelyn Rose!"

"I'm not a turkey! I'm Katelyn Rose!".

So, here I sit today, having to pick out new names. Two new names, actually.

No, I'm not pregnant. Please don't ever even think that word and me in the same thought... cause well, we all know its contagious and even the tubal I've had can't stop God's crazy since of humor! I mean, come on.. he blessed me with three children in less than two years!! He can be a bit crazy.

So why do I need to pick out two new names, then? Today, we adopted two 6 month old kittens. And it was my idea. Yes I am crazy, too... maybe that's why God keeps blessing me with crazy things? I should look into that.

I've been looking to bring in a new cat for some time now. One that will play with the kids. If you remember my first post, in which I mentioned that my Cat is the smartest living creature in my home? She is. She hides from the kids. She hears them, she disappears. She will not, under any circumstances, play with them. She is SO above that! ;) I mean, they are kids! Their hands are dirty. The make a lot of noise! She's really picky.

I really wanted my kids to have the fun experiences of having a cat. You know, the crazy moments where the cat bounces on them from around the corner where it sat and just waited for the first kid to walk by. Or the absolutely priceless cuddle moments. The cat searching them out just to sit on their lap. That stuff wasn't happening with Gracie. And I desperately wanted it too. The only thing my kids were learning was that Gracie can run fast, and that she will even scratch you if you aren't looking at her! So I went on the search for a cat that would be comfortable with my dirty, noisy kids.

Yesterday I spotted an ad on the local Craigslists, that claimed these two kittens were kid friendly. That they allowed her 2 year old to carry them around in a baby carriage. It was like reading destiny! That's what I want! I want a cat that will let my kids cart it around in their pirate boat or that crazy train they are so found of that I wish would disappear. We don't have any baby carriages, but I'm sure that won't stop my kids when it comes time to try to cart these cats around in something!

When I brought up the idea to my husband, he wasn't as excited as me. TWO CATS??!!?? Yes, two. The ad stated that she would like to place them together, and I really saw no reason to ask for just one of them. I wouldn't have been able to chose anyway. Plus, I just really like cats so whats one more? Two or Three, its not that much different except that there is one more cat to sit on one more lap. 4 kids, 3 cats.. better numbers if you ask me.

I didn't tell the kids that we were going to pick up the kittens today. They had no idea what we were doing, except going to someone's house. When we walked in the door, Katelyn saw one of the cats and ran towards it yelling "That's my cat!" She looks so much like our Gracie, that Katelyn thought at first it was Gracie. Except that the kittens are so much smaller. We talked with the Lady giving them to us for a few minutes before I explained to the 3 little ones (Dylan already knew what we were doing) that we were taking both cats home. Their smiles spread slowly as the info was processed and they realized I wasn't joking. And then each one of them, at the exact same time, asked if they could hold one of them for the ride home! LOL

So this afternoon has been one of the most eventful days of the year. We've grown as a family. Our count is now 2 parents, 4 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats! My kids have had amazing experiences playing with these VERY kid friendly kittens already. And I'm feeling very very good about the big decision of adding more responsibility to my plate. How can I not be, when I walk into the room and see one of the kittens cuddled up on Baby Girl's lap, and a smile that could melt any one's heart on her face? It is absolutely one of the best feelings ever.

Except for the naming part. That's not going so well. And I don't have 9 months to come up with a hundred different lists. I'm thinking that these poor cats need names by tomorrow, or my kids will come up with some crazy sound to call them and the damage will be done forever!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Following the Rules

Today, while doing some laundry, I found my daughters flower pillow in the laundry basket. I picked it up, walked into the kitchen and tossed it over the bar into the living room. And I went back to doing laundry.

A few minutes later, my son Zach comes into the laundry room and asks

"Who threw that pillow at me! You throw it, Mom? Dad says so!"

"Yep, I did. I tossed it right over there to the couch."

He looks at me with a look of disbelief, shakes his head and walks away.

And then I hear my Husband laughing. I step out of the laundry room, to see Zach still shaking his head standing between the kitchen and dining room. Right next to the bar I tossed the pillow over... and his hands are on his hips. He looks at me, with the most serious expression I've ever seen and says...

"We don't throw things in the house, Mom."

To which my Husband just had to say, with the biggest smile ever....

"He told you!"

Yep, bad mom. Bad Bad Mom. She wasn't following the rules.

I'll try to do better.

The Cheap Seats

We found a dollar theater near us. Well, not technically a Dollar theater, since it cost $1.25 matinee, $1.75 evenings, and $2 weekend nights. Dollar Theater is easier than saying "The not quite 2 dollar theater unless its a weekend night". Guess we could call it the two Dollar theater, but then it just wouldn't seem as cheap! So, Dollar theater its been named.

We took the kids to see Highschool Musical on Sunday. All of them. Even the 12 year old that should have been interested in going, but complained the whole way that we were seeing "THAT" movie. Whats up with that? I know he wants to see it, but I'm not suppose to know he wants to see it? And he's got to make sure I don't know he wants to see it by telling my a hundred different times how he just doesn't want to see "THAT" movie. This is the same kid who asked over and over to go see Twilight, after reading the book. When I finally was able to take him, he acted NON excited (you know the over fake lack of interest that really means they are interested) and slumped down in his movie seat and grumbled a lot through out the movie. Granted, the place was packed with giggling teenage girls, and they were highly distracting even for me (I think I laughed at them more than I did the movie!).. but still... those weren't "Cheap seats" buddy!

We let him sit where ever he wanted to... but he chose just one row from us. The kids did their best to bug him.. but I think he was paying more attention to the movie than he wanted to let on, cause they would always come over and say "Dylan not listening to me" AH HA! Caught you buddy! I think I even saw his head swaying to the music a few times, too!

The little ones loved the movie. They danced in their seats, and even in front of us in a small open handicap section. Baby Girl showed off some cool new dance moves. The Twins hopped up and down, not quite to the beat, but good enough! It was a blast! And as we were walking out of the theater, I noticed a smile. On Dylan's face. And I thought to myself... those were the best Cheap Seats I've ever bought!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My very own Blog!

Well... I've been thinking about doing this for awhile. Starting my very own personal blog. Though I'm not even sure what I'm going to post about. Lord knows I have a ton of stuff going on around me to use as inspiration! HAHA!

So, I guess I will just start this out as an introduction of sorts.

Hi, My name is Valeri
and I'm a kidaholic..

No wait, that's not right. Lets start over....

Hi, My name is Valeri
and I'm a Mother of monkeys.....

Nope, that didn't work out right either....

Hi My name is Valeri
and I'm just trying to Survive.
Chaos runs rampant in my home in the form of three children under the age of 5. Oh, and then there is the 12 year old that most days actually could fall under the term "Under the age of 5" if you take his fits into account. So really, I've got 4 toddlers. My life is crazy.
Did I mention we also have three dogs, one of which is a 100 pound great dane pup, and a cat.

But the cat doesn't count, cause she leaves me alone until the kids go to bed. She's smart. Probably the smartest living creature in my home!